Solar pool heaters and solar pool heating systems are a wise investment and may cost less than you think.   After calculating that the return on investment (ROI) is approximately two to  five years, solar pool heaters are a ‘no brainer’.   Using solar energy to heat your pool will not only save you money but also eliminate pollution from burning fossil fuels commonly used to heat pools.  By utilizing solar energy, a free and renewable energy source, you will avoid using fossil fuels and lower your monthly expenditures.
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Swimming pool temperatures depend on climate, geography and weather conditions.   In most parts of the United States, outdoor swimming is limited to summer months.  Pool heaters can extend a three to four month swimming season to five or six months (longer in warm climates).   As you enjoy your pool, the keeping the water warm can be very costly unless you utilize a solar pool heater / solar pool heating system.

Harnessing the sun’s energy to heat your pool is an ideal alternative to standard pool heaters that utilize electricity, gas or oil.  Solar pool heaters exploit the fact that solar collectors are more efficient when working at low temperatures.  In contrast to residential hot water systems which raise a small amount of water to a very high temperature at an efficiency of 30 – 50%, pool heaters raise the temperature of several thousand gallons of water only a few degrees, to approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but operate at an efficiency of 70 – 80%. best solar pool heater about

A range of solar pool heating systems are available for your home.  The best solar pool heater and solar heating systems for you will depend on several factors including type of pool, climate, etc.  Selecting a solar pool heater may be somewhat confusing from type of solar collector, size, location of collectors. is your comprehensive source of information about all aspects of solar pool heaters.  

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A solar pool heater will extend the pool swimming season while saving you money.