Selecting a Solar Pool Heater

A number of factors will affect your decision on selecting the best solar pool heater for your particular needs.  The cost of the system is one significant factor.  The cost of a solar pool heating system ranges from $3,000 to $7,000 to buy and install.  The return on investment  is between 1.5 and 7 years, depending on your local fuel costs.  Solar pool heaters typically last longer than gas and heat pump pool heaters. The actual cost and payback are contingent on several factors.  Prior to purchasing and installing a solar pool heating system, you should complete the following:

  • Evaluate your site’s solar resource
  • Determine the correct system size
  • Determine the correct orientation and tilt for the collector
  • Determine the system’s efficiency
  • Compare system costs
  • Investigate local codes, covenants, and regulations.