SolarPRO XD2 – Do It Yourself Solar Pool Heater

Game DX2 do it yourself solar pool heating system

This solar pool heater connects to your filter and your pool by two hose connections: One hose will feed cold, filtered pool water from your pump into one port of the solar heater. The other hose will feed sun warmed water from the other port of the solar heater to your pool via the pool return inlet in your pool. As cold water flows into the solar heater, it travels through the solar coils where it is heated by the sun before it is delivered back into your swimming pool.

Game solar pro xd2 

Ideal for use with popular above ground and most in ground pools. Multiple heaters can be connected in series to increase heating efficiency.  The unit(s) should never be placed on the roof of any structure, or more than 60” above the water level of the pool.  The solar heater needs to be located on a hard level surface.  The solar pool heater will need to be positioned lower than the pool’s water level and at a safe distance away from the pool.  The unit(s) may be angled toward the sun using the legs provided. Do not exceed the angle the legs produces, or 30 degrees from horizontal in any direction.  The solar heater is to be installed between the filter and the pool water inlet, AFTER the water is filtered. The heater must come after the filter to prevent buildup in the tubing.

  • Designed for any size above ground or in ground pool (Bypass Kit, Item 4555, required for pools using 1 HP pump or higher or on any in ground application)
  • Easy to install
  • Generates up to 3 times more heat than the SolarPRO XD1
  • 66 foot length of heating coil
  • No electric or gas connections
  • Adapters for INTEX® pools included
  • Includes protective cover to reduce heat loss
  • Full replacement warranty-90 days