Solar Products for Your Solar Powered Pool

Pyle PWR95SBK Aqua SunBlast Floating Bluetooth Waterproof Pool Speaker System with Solar Panel Rechargeable Battery and FM Radio


•   Built-in Bluetooth for Wireless Music Streaming – Solar Panel Rechargeable Battery – FM Radio

•   Works with All Bluetooth Devices (iPhone, Android, Smartphone, iPad, Tablet, PC, etc.)

•   Waterproof Marine Grade Construction: It Floats! – Built-in Rechargeable Battery (Includes Charging Cable)

•   (4) Built-in Full Range Stereo Sound Speakers – Impressive Bass Response – Easy Push Button Controls

•   LED Indicator Lights – Battery Life: 4 Hours (Charge Time: 8 Hours) – Dimensions (W x H): 7.5″ x 6.7″



best solar pool heater solar radio 2

Pyle PBTSN50 Sunblast 2-in-1 Portable Bluetooth Solar Power Wireless Water-Resistant Speaker System with Built-in Mic for Hands-free Call Answering


•   Lightweight, Portable and Sun-powered: Solar Power Panel Charges the Built-in Rechargeable Battery with Sunlight

•   Built-in Bluetooth: Instant Wireless Music Streaming and Call Answering

•   Built-in Microphone: Mic & Speaker System Let You Use the Sunblast Just like a Phone!

•   Works with All Your Favorite Bluetooth Devices (Iphone, Android, Smartphone, Ipad, Tablet, PC, Etc.)

•                Have Fun in the Sun, Includes Charging Cable, Marine Grade IP44 Construction, Dimensions: 8.5-Inch x 7.6-Inch x 7.8-Inch

best solar pool heater solar speaker

4-Pack Solar Floating Swimming Pool, Garden Pond White LED Ball lights


These newly improved solar LEDS balls can either be hung on a tree or virtually anything, in the pool or pond! During the day, the solar ball’s panel harnesses the power of the sun to charge the 25% Longer Lasting 800MAH Battery. At night, it will provide a soft glow for your koi pond or fishing pool. Each solar ball light is made of high quality heat resistant plastic for years of use.

floating solar lights

GAME 4376 Outdoor Solar Shower


•   Rinse off before and after swimming with water warmed by the sun’s energy.

•   Easy to assemble – simply connect to a standard garden hose.

•   Hot and cold adjustment for the perfect outdoor shower. Holds 5.5 gallons of water.

•   Free standing or mounts to most surfaces.

Base included, Solar Shower



solar shower

Aqua Splash 16ft. In Ground Pool Solar Cover Reel


•   3-way end design allows for stationary placement, fence mounting, and mobility

•   Wide-track bearings make turning and rolling easy, convenient handles are placed at both ends

•   Durable components resist corrosion, telescoping tubes have a rib-locking design to prevent sagging

•   Complete hardware and a blanket attachment kit are provided

•   Designed for use with 8mil-12mil blankets



Solar Pool Cover Reel

GAME Solar Underwater Light Show


•   Rechargeable Batteries Charge in Full Sun or Clouds

•   6-8 Hour Run Time on Full Charge

•   Completely Sealed-Space; No Leaks From Replacing Batteries

•   Can Be In Or Out Of Water

Hang From Patio Cover, Umbrella, Tree or Ceiling Fan For Disco Ball Effect With Integrated Hanger



solar light show

Ambient Weather WS-14 Wireless 8-Channel Floating Pool and Spa Thermometer


•   Finally, an easy way to read your water temperature from both indoors and outdoors.

•   The WS-14 wireless pool and spa thermometer is water proof and floats on the surface of the water. The sensor displays and wirelessly transmits the water temperature to the display console.

•   The console also includes an indoor thermometer for monitoring air temperature.

•   The 8-channel selectable switch allows you to monitor temperatures from up to eight different locations.

The screw-on lid design with internal gasket provides a leak free, water resistant design.





solar powered pool temperature meter


Floatron Solar Powered Natural Pool Cleaner

Set the Floatron Pool cleaner in your pool and allow the unit to float atop of the water. As the sunlight powers the Floatron, the sunlight is converted into a harmless electrical current which energizes a special alloyed mineral electrode below the water. This causes the release of mineral ions converting pool water into mineralized or ionized water, which in turn controls the growth of microorganisms in your pool. Enjoy your pool this season without all the chemical side-effects that come along with chlorine pools. Keep your bathing suit from fading and bleaching, avoid redeye and don’t worry about damaging or bleaching your hair – These are all nasty side-effects of chlorine pools.


Natural Current Water Products NCSF10K Savior 10000-Gallon Solar Pool and Spa Pump and Filter System, Solar Pool Filter Pump

The Savior allows you to turn off your inefficient, noisy, and expensive filtration equipment… and it reduces your pollution which is better for our planet. The Savior Solar Pool Filter uses the energy from the sun to pump up to 11,000 gallons a day through (3) three reusable 20 micron filter cartridges. No Installation required. The Savior Solar Pool Cleaner is EASY and requires less maintenance than your existing pool filter.

savior pool filtration